If you need your blendshapes customized a certain way or if you have your own topology, we can sculpt 50-200+ morphs within 24/hrs with the help of our tools. Your morphs will look natural for your character(s) as we take the anatomy of the head into account, providing natural deformations when animated.

We’ve created a system that supports ANY model! Whether you give us a full body figure, or just the head, we’ll be able to support the model. If your model comes with additional geometry like eyelashes, mustache, eyebrows or a beard, we will support that as well at an additional cost, unless it’s the essentials like gum, teeth, eyes and tongue.

You’ll receive a free license to the Kinetic Plugin which grants you access to the 1-click mocap solution and 1-click rigging feature. This is the most ideal solution if your studio plans on reusing the same topology for all of your 3D characters.

Our service supports ANY 3D character, no need to alter anything as we tested our service on a multitude of models.

While we do use a few scripts to help speed up the process, it only gets us 70% there, we spend that extra time sculpting to ensure you're getting top notch results within 24hrs.


  • Kinetic Facial Rig | Advance Edition (224+ Morphs) Kinetic Facial Rig | (60+ Morphs)
  • Kinetic Blendshapes | (170+ Morphs) Kinetic Blendshapes | (51 Morphs)