Kinetic Facial Rig

Kinetic Facial Rig is a tool that automatically generates an intuitive Facial Rig and a set of high-end FACS morphs for your 3D figures. With the Kinetic Rig , all it takes is a click of a button instead of investing weeks or possibly months of your time developing a single rig.

Not only will it generate a professional grade rig, but it also supports nearly every mocap solution in the market. We strive to make your animation workflow as simplistic as possible.

Organic, High Quality Morphs

The facial morphs generated will provide an organic level of quality to your animation. Kinetic Facial Rig has “Auto” parameters that’ll add a more organic touch to your facial animation.


Kinetic Motives has a set of plugins that can support your topology, this may provide a quick workflow for studios that plan on reusing the same topology as their method for autorigging.


If you have your own topology that needs its own facial rig, look no further. Not only will we generate a facial rig and 200+ FACS Morphs, but we also give you a tool that’ll support 5+ mocap solutions and another tool that will support all of your characters with the same topology with different shapes.

Facial Mocap Support

We’re always looking for ways to make the mocap process easier. We support every mocap tool in the market and even have tools that make the process a 1-click solution. For retargeting tools like FaceWare and Dynamixyz, we provide tutorials and templates for you to quickly get up to speed!